Dr. Irina I. Kaplan, Family Physician
Dr. Irina I. Kaplan, MD is a Board Certified Family Physician and Director of Capital Region Hyperhydrosis Treatment Center.

Dr. Kaplan graduated from medical school in Russia in 1987 and worked as an internist until her immigration to the US in 1992. After passing her medical exams in the US, she completed a three year residency at St. Claire's Hospital in Schenectady, NY and has been working as a Family Physician since 1999.

In her practice Dr. Kaplan treats children, teenagers, men and women of different ages with various health problems. She performs minor surgeries, gynecological and physical exams.

Dr. Irina Kaplan also treats patients with hyperhidrosis (exsessive sweatiness) using the most currrent methods and techniques. Our Hyperhidrosis Treatment Center has become a great help to the numerous patients suffering from this chronic condition.

Dr. Kaplan is currently accepting new patients.

Family Medicine